SInful Summer Erotigacha

SInful Summer Erotigacha

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gems on Parade

Some nice photos from the last few days. Keep them coming.
Kirsten Smith and the unnamed man. 
Kirsten is playing the good wife and making sure the carpet is clean.
Serenity Kristan working on her all over body tan.

Zuriel by Lisa Languish,  waiting for the towel to drop.

Chloe Nicole wondering what the view from inside is like.

Lily Ashe licking it.

Precious Blanco waiting or watching or just hanging out.

Erika Thorkveld covered in that spoogy white stuff again.

T C Tackleberry laying in the shade.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Group Gets Better and Better

Keep those pictures coming to the Flickr group:  Jackson's Gems.
Jackson has been plenty busy doing photoshoots of aspiring Gems. Let him know if you are interested  in being considered for a shoot by one of the group photographers. He also requests Blogger elementary Blogger training, so that he can add his posts to the blog!! 
Vixxen and Jax by Vixxen.  Vixxen proving the elasticity of the female mouth once again.
Taylor by Texas Rob. Rob is one of my favorite photographers lately. It seems he is not around much anymore so always glad to see his work.


Roller Girl by Kirsten Smith

Ali by Ali Macrae, working on her tan.

Erika by Erika Thorkveld.  A shot of her returning home after a long night out.  Give that girl some kleenix.

Zuby and Cherish by Spirit Eleonara. Standing around in the water, not sure what they are waiting for, but the pic speaks for itself.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another Fine Post to Perv

Here's another edition of hotness that have been added to our Flickr group.    They keep getting better and better. As a reminder, if you load to the Flickr group and would like to see them on the blog,  set your Flickr account so that photos can be downloaded.  Our Flickr group is:  Jackson's Gems
Erika Thorkveld and Tati by Erika. She has been on a tear lately, the pictures just keep coming.
Mack Adams by Mack.   We need more guys posting self images, all I can say.

SinD0ll by Sind0ll. Love the uses of shadows in this one.

Lisa Languish and a RL porn chick by Lisa. I love the concept of this.  Would make a great contest.


Cherish Sky and an unnamed stunt cock.    The South can make you rise again.

Precious Blanco by Precious.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gems Photo Shoots

Mr Jackson stays very busy with his shooting schedule, doing his best to shoot as many Gems as possible. Here are some of the recent shoots.
Mr Jackson with a longtime superstar of the SL Porn world, Meg Corral. Meg just keeps getting better and better.

Mr Jackson and Precious Blanco

Mr Jackson and Shyla

Mr Jackson and his foray into the BBW genre.

Mr Jackson shoots on a regular basis.  Groups members contact him to be considered for a shoot by one of the group photographers.   And keep those photos coming to the Flickr group.