SInful Summer Erotigacha

SInful Summer Erotigacha

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gems to Keep You Busy at Work

Another batch of Gems to lust over. We just keep getting better and better. Keep them coming!
Meg catching some sun by Meg Corral

Erika Thorkveld surrendering by Serenity Kristan

Spirit risking allergies by Spirit Eleonara

Katina Cazelet keeping warm by Raelin Rage

Fawn keeping in touch by Fawn Serenity

Tatiana and Erika by Erika Thorkveld.

Rosa pondering her inner space by Rosa Rhiadra.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gems are Popping Up Everywhere

Gems are always precious,  no matter the shape, hue or color.  Spotlighting the following Gems gives credence to that old adage.  Lots of nice pics posted on Flickr since the last blog post. Keep them coming.    If you would like to advertise your business on the gems blog, get in contact with me in-world.
Serenity and Louise by Serenity Kristan.

Louise by Kirsten Smith.

Erinyes Celestalis by Domino Dupre.

Lisa by Lisa Languish.

Vixeee by Vixeee.
Erika by Erika Thorkveld.

Domino by Domino Dupre.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gems to Start Your Day

We've gotten a really nice selection of Gems in the Flickr group over the last few days. Really hard to make a nice selection, a tough job to muddle through, but I do my best.

First up is Vixxxen and Zuriel by Lisa Languish. Such a hot position to spend some time in.


Next up is Domino soaking up some sunshine.  I can't wait for the week I am spending in San Diego the end of this month. I've already bought a new bikini!!

Domino Dupre by Burly Tigerpaw celebrating his love of Azz's.

Here we have Meg documenting one of the things we do best, shopping.

Here is a cool selfie of Meg and Jax by Meg.

Vixxxee and her guardian angel watching over her.

Spirit is undergoing some sort of transformation. Cool pic, but hope it did not hurt too much.

T C Tackleberry showing off her assets.

Lisa Languish meditating in the sun.

Bella and Jax getting a workout.
Don't forget our Flickr group:  Jackon's Gems.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Its Raining Gems

Highlights from our Flickr group, Jackson's GEMS.   Keep those uploads coming.
Erika Thorkveld all dressed up, looking good enough to ........., well, that's between her and I.
Precious Blanco distracting Clement, lucky guy.

Meg Corral in front of one of her fleet of vehicles, out on the town.

Domino spending some time at the beach.

Fayhe working on her no lines tan.

Spirit getting checked out by an anonymous storm trooper.

Serenity and Louise Kristan  preparing to take on the evil empire.

Bubble Luvva practicing her stage moves. Bubble is a new comer to the group, welcome her.

Lastly, Kirsten spending some time at the lake.