SInful Summer Erotigacha

SInful Summer Erotigacha

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Group Gets Better and Better

Keep those pictures coming to the Flickr group:  Jackson's Gems.
Jackson has been plenty busy doing photoshoots of aspiring Gems. Let him know if you are interested  in being considered for a shoot by one of the group photographers. He also requests Blogger elementary Blogger training, so that he can add his posts to the blog!! 
Vixxen and Jax by Vixxen.  Vixxen proving the elasticity of the female mouth once again.
Taylor by Texas Rob. Rob is one of my favorite photographers lately. It seems he is not around much anymore so always glad to see his work.


Roller Girl by Kirsten Smith

Ali by Ali Macrae, working on her tan.

Erika by Erika Thorkveld.  A shot of her returning home after a long night out.  Give that girl some kleenix.

Zuby and Cherish by Spirit Eleonara. Standing around in the water, not sure what they are waiting for, but the pic speaks for itself.

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