SInful Summer Erotigacha

SInful Summer Erotigacha

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Smorgasborg of Beauty

I had some time to cruise through the photos uploaded to the Gems Flickr group and picked out some that got my attention and had not been posted elsewhere.

Presented for the first time on the Gems blog are:

LaeLae by Burly Tigerpaw

Chandi by Chandi
Hunni Baby by Gina Hoochie

Fawn Serenity by Fawn Serenity

Hard " Wyatt Earp" Rust and Spirit by Domino

Kellie Andel by Kellie Andel

keep those photos coming to the Gems Flickr group: Jackson's Gems Flickr.  We will periodically spotlight images of note in the blog.  

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